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Submission Validation with Lorenz eValidator FIVE

The submission validation solution for mid- to large-sized enterprises

eValidator FIVE is our server-based validation solution to ensure your global electronic submissions are compliant to the latest regulatory requirements. It is specifically designed for companies with multiple users who need to validate submissions for multiple regions and in different formats.

eValidator FIVE is part of the LORENZ eValidator family.

Best fit for LORENZ eValidator FIVE

You are a company with multiple users who need to validate eSubmissions

You want your validation solution to be installed on a server to benefit from the advantages of a server-side validation

You have eSubmissions for multiple regions and/or in different formats

You are interested in additional extensions to your validation tool

Your advantages with LORENZ eValidator FIVE

  • All validation profiles: Includes all basic and extended validation profiles (see validation profiles)
  • Official validation criteria: Includes current and previous validation criteria addressing the exact requirements as published by the regulatory agencies
  • Extended profiles: Validation profiles with additional checks, compared to what the basic profiles contain; plus the ability to customize validation profiles
  • Server-side validation: Run the eValidator client(s) on a server operating system (e.g. to use it from Citrix, or via RDP)
  • Web interface: Install eValidator as a web application and manage validation tasks within your browser. Central maintenance and data security ensured
  • Additional eValidator client: Use the eValidator Batch Processing client to manage and validate list of submissions for various formats and regions

LORENZ eValidator FIVE as part of your RIMS

Connect eValidator FIVE to other LORENZ and third-party software for a flexible Regulatory Information Management solution.

Get a first glimpse of LORENZ eValidator FIVE

eValidator FIVE is part of the LORENZ eValidator family which comes in three different versions

Check out the other versions to find your perfect match

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