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About Being Desirable

Engineering desirable solutions is not about becoming the market leader by revenue. It isn't about building solutions that looks at customers as markets and tries to maximize short-term gains by successfully engaging in price differentiation and geographic product differentiation strategies. It is about building solutions that looks at customers as people with challenges in the work environments that they want to resolve.

It's also about building solutions that solve a particular challenge in the best way possible, even if it means investing the extra amount of time to come up with that solution.

About Being LORENZ

Our stability for over 20 years means you do not have to worry about migrating your submissions to another platform, you do not have to wonder who will answer your calls and you certainly will not have to pay for the integration of technologies you have not purchased.

About Our Growth

LORENZ has steadily grown it's business since 1989, having over 1050 customers using full-fledged e-Regulatory systems in over 38 countries. In fact, our user base is spread across over 70 countries. Notably, we also count eleven regulatory agencies to our customer base - these are agencies that are actually using our solutions, rather than piloting them.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't count corporate entities that have downloaded our free products as part of our customer base - otherwise we would have over 2,100 customers in even more countries!

About Our Support

We have the world's best support. If you work in regulatory affairs and related disciplines, you are faced with deadlines that are of corporate-wide importance. It doesn't help if you have a the cheapest or most expensive solution on the market if you can't get help when it counts.

Don't believe us? Ask our customers!