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Third-party Integration

Build your own RIM system which perfectly fulfills your needs by also including third parties in your LORENZ environment. With this end-on-end approach you can ensure a single source of truth even across different systems. With standard connectors to 18 systems and a universal data connector for non-standard connections, we offer maximum flexibility.

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Benefits of Third-Party Capabilities

Flexible integration

Tailor your RIM system landscape to match your unique requirements and preferences by integrating third-party solutions.

Enhanced scalability

Experience enhanced scalability as your RIM solution seamlessly incorporates third-party integrations, allowing your system to grow and adapt alongside your expanding business demands.

Unified data

Gather data from diverse sources and centralize it with LORENZ RIM, ensuring uniformity and coherence in your information.

Simple adaptability

Effortlessly enhance your RIM solution with the best-of-breed approach, allowing you to add or replace specific components without the need for a complete system overhaul.

Optimal choice

Have confidence in selecting the finest business capability provider that precisely aligns with your needs, ensuring you always get the best-fit solutions.

Seamless integration

Integrate third-party tools seamlessly into your RIM solution using standard connectors for 18 systems like Veeva, Cara, Glams, or non-standard connections through the universal data connector.

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