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LORENZ drugTrack 3
Version: 19.2
Managing submission portfolios does not need to be difficult. Understand why LORENZ drugTrack™ can improve your
productivity, help you manage your regulatory activities, comply with the EVMPD requirements and generate management reports on-the-fly.

What is LORENZ drugTrack™?

A versatile, low-footprint multi-user system to manage all your regulatory activities, including the new EVMPD requirements. Never miss a deadline! Create management reports on-the-fly!

drugTrack is based on years of experience and was originally developed together with a pharmaceutical company to satisfy their regulatory tracking needs.

Spreadsheet-Free Zone!

If you are tired managing your products and activities in spreadsheets then drugTrack may be for you. Spreadsheets, whilst initially practical, are inherently unsafe: data can be changed accidentally with no control, multiple versions of the same sheet can travel around a department and/or company, and a spreadsheet does not actively manage your upcoming tasks with alerts.

How do I start?

You will likely have collected data (regulatory data, EVMPD data, etc.) on your submission registrations and activities in a variety of different places: spreadsheets, calendar entries, and handwritten notes. Do not worry! This is normal. As part of our deployment, we will analyze your existing data and help you migrate it to drugTrack.

LORENZ drugTrack
No spreadsheets
Starting with drugTrack

Three Versions

Whether you just need a solution for EVMPD, you want to track your entire regulatory life cycle or you want to have it all: drugTrack comes in all flavors.

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Create Endless Reports

Easily create management reports on all aspects.

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