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About us

With over 100 employees,
we serve over 1350 paid installations
in 48 countries worldwide.

We are the world's leading provider of software solutions for the digital exchange of data between regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. We put our success down to our agile, flexible organizational structure and collaborative working climate, along with our short decision and approval paths. Our high-quality, industry-leading products are made possible by the dedicated people we work with every day.

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Our Corporate Values

LORENZ shares a broader purpose

As a company, and as all individuals within the company, we support the global health care industry by providing technology that helps to get medicines to patients faster and in a higher quality.

LORENZ extends knowledge

By focusing on our core activities, we are able to build up considerable knowledge in our industry to help us develop superior solutions for our customers.

LORENZ is independent

As a privately-owned company, we have the freedom to change and to follow long-term strategic thinking, unconstrained by short-term trends.

LORENZ listens

As a company, we provide a cooperative and flexible work environment in order to improve the success of our employees.

LORENZ gives back

We feel a social global responsibility to contribute through giving programs which allows us as an organization to impact everyone's wellbeing.

We are aware of our social obligations

For nearly 30 years, the LORENZ Stiftung (LORENZ Foundation) has been deeply involved in helping people in need. Its activities focus primarily on disabled and elderly people who are lonely or in need of care. A particularly important topic for the foundation is inclusion; to show that everyone benefits when we all work together.

Another focus of the foundation is the exchange of knowledge through the LORENZ Podium. At these events, prominent speakers and panelists exchange their views on current topics in a relaxed atmosphere in front of an audience of invited guests.

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