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Business Automation and Virtual Regulatory NLP Assistance with the LORENZ Automator

Automate the standardized processes in your workflow

The Automator supports your business process automation efforts by taking over any rule-based work sequences in the regulatory affairs context. The solution is tailored to your requirements. From the synchronization of master data between systems to the automation of complex workflows, your routine tasks are taken care of, so you can concentrate on other work.

Find out what LORENZ Automator can do for you


Outsource standardized processes via adaptive automation and harmonize processes and documentation

Increased quality, fewer errors

Reduce errors, benefit from fewer manual steps & less requirement for training. Use your time for other relevant tasks


Work flawlessly with other LORENZ solutions and third-party software


Take advantage of our experience in optimizing and automating processes for customers in many regions

Examples of how LORENZ Automator can improve your daily work

LORENZ Automator as part of your RIMS

Connect Automator to other LORENZ and third-party software for a flexible Regulatory Information Management solution.

Have you met Adam, your virtual regulatory assistant?


Adam is a chat-based assistant for LORENZ Automator. You can ask your ‘new colleague’ to do a specific task such as to start sending a submission sequence to the EMA. Whenever you type as if you are speaking, Adam will access the controlled vocabularies in your system to handle your request efficiently.

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