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LORENZ Software Releases

Since April 2018, LORENZ Life Sciences Group has started switching all of its products to a unified release naming system based on the calendar year. The company's continuous cycle of two major software releases each year - one in April and the other in October, each followed by minor releases and specific releases if necessary - remains unchanged.

LORENZ encourages all customers to update their software regularly. We typically support our major releases for at least two years, providing minor and specific releases for each throughout the entire period.

In addition, LORENZ offers Regulatory Update Packages. These packages address recent specification updates by regulatory authorities.

To stay informed about both major and minor releases as well as Regulatory Update Packages, please subscribe to Product & Service Update Announcements in your LORENZ ID.

Major Release

Since April 2018, the major release of all LORENZ products is labeled version 18.1. The second major release of all products in October will be version 18.2.
These two annual major releases will continue to take place on a regular schedule. They include major changes or completely new components to the software, and are communicated via LORENZ ID.

Minor Release

For the first minor release based on the April release, a third number will be added: 18.1.1. A minor release typically includes changes such as support of new specification or validation criteria, and will also be communicated via LORENZ ID.

Specific Release

Specific releases based on the April release will add a fourth (two-digit) number: A specific release might include the delivery of language packs or a fix for a specific issue. Typically these will not be communicated by LORENZ ID.

Regulatory Update Packages

These packages address recent specification updates by regulatory authorities and allow to adapt the submission configuration without going through a software update process and full revalidation of the software. Regulatory Update Packages are communicated via LORENZ ID. More information on these packages can be found in the Administrator Guide.

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