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Lorenz Charitable Foundation

For 30+ years, the LORENZ Stiftung (LORENZ Foundation) has been deeply involved in helping people in need. Its activities focus primarily on disabled and elderly people who are lonely or in need of care. A particularly important topic for the foundation is inclusion; to show that everyone benefits when we all work together.

Another focus of the foundation is the exchange of knowledge through the LORENZ Podium. At these events, prominent speakers and panelists exchange their views on current topics in a relaxed atmosphere in front of an audience of invited guests.

Inclusion Projects

The LORENZ Stiftung has discovered a creative way to bring many different social groups together - by creating something beautiful. "The Creation" and "Noah's Ark" are two artistic dance performances in which anyone can participate, regardless of skin color, age, disability or social status. Each participant is encouraged and challenged to express their very own abilities and talents. Each of these events has filled several halls with enthusiastic audiences. But it is not just the spectators who have fun; the participating performers experience the joy of working together without any social distinctions.

In addition to these dance projects, the foundation is also committed to the inclusion of older people. Readings, small performances, celebrations and even concerts are organized for this group. Activities are often held in homes for the elderly, with an emphasis on public holidays so extended families can come together and enjoy the occasion.

LORENZ "Frankfurter Podium"

One of the most celebrated LORENZ events is the "Frankfurter Podium", a series of live discussions currently hosted by Hugo Müller-Vogg, a journalist, publicist, and author of multiple books on contemporary politics and economics.

Held before an audience of invited guests at LORENZ headquarters every year since 1987, the "Frankfurter Podium" has become a prominent forum for discussing current affairs. Past panelists and speakers have included Chancellors Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt, along with a range of government ministers, well-known intellectuals and key business leaders. Moderators have included the well-known German journalist Werner Höfer as well as Dr. Hans D. Barbier, once the Economic Policy Editor at the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

Guests have included:
Wolfgang Altenburg • Hans D. Barbier • Arnulf Baring • Sabine Bergmann-Pohl • Willy Brandt • Wibke Bruhns • Bernhard Bueb • Wolfgang Bosbach • Wolfgang Clement • Giovanni di Lorenzo • Hans Eichel • Heinz Fallak • Jürgen Falter • Jan Fleischhauer • Philipp Freiherr von Bethmann • Heike Göbel • Daniel Goeudevert • Alfred Grosser • Pater Anselm Grün • Andrey Gurkow • Wilhelm Hankel • Michael Heise • Cornelia Hanisch • Rudolf Hickel • Werner Höfer • Gertrud Höhler • Hilmar Hoffmann • Michael Hüther • Bischof Wolfgang Huber • Frederick Kempe • Klaus Kinkel • Paul Kirchhof • Hilmar Kopper • Alexandra Gräfin Lambsdorff • Otto Graf Lambsdorff • Walther Leisler Kiep • Wolfgang Leonhard • David Marsh • Christoph von Marschall • Ingrid Matthäus-Maier • Hans Matthöfer • Hugo Müller-Vogg • Paul Nolte • Fritz Pleitgen • Richard David Precht • Hermann Rappe • Ari Rath • Annemarie Renger • Heinz Riesenhuber • Petra Roth • Gerd Ruge • Thilo Sarrazin • Frank Schirrmacher • Helmut Schmidt • Peter Scholl-Latour • Richard Stücklen • Michael Stürmer • Heidi Schüller • Christian Schwarz-Schilling • Albrecht Speer • Rita Süssmuth • Roland Tichy • Gertrud Traud • Harry Valerien • Carl Weiß • Otto Wolf von Amerongen

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