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Regulatory Content Management

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Collaborate with colleagues to review and approve your regulatory content. Flexible standard document workflows, lifecycle, and version control make it easier to manage your documents and remain compliant.

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Benefits of Regulatory Content Management

Streamline your document management with our comprehensive capability

Our complete system has got you covered, with all essential features like content check-in and check-out, version control, auditing, and metadata management, all in accordance with the DIA EDM reference model.

Compliance made simple

Maintaining the integrity of electronic records is crucial, and our diligent adherence to good documentation practices such as transparent version control ensures your compliance needs are met with ease.

Consistent data for better outcomes

Consistency and quality in data is key when it comes to regulatory affairs, and our solution helps exactly with that by improving the quality of content, making use of metadata, and enabling your department to achieve better outcomes by correct filtering and search capabilities.

Boost collaboration and productivity across teams

Collaboration and productivity go hand in hand, and our advanced workflows facilitate cross-functional authoring, reviewing, and approval, ensuring your teams can work together efficiently.

Standard solution for easy implementation and continuous improvement

Implementing a new solution can be daunting, but our out-of-the-box solution, consistently improved by LORENZ, makes it easy to get started and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined process.

Greater control and traceability

Transparency is essential for control and traceability, and our solution offers full visibility of processes, versioning, and audit trails, giving you greater control over your work and content.

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