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Product Lifecycle Management

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LORENZ provides a lifecycle solution which enhances the management of regulatory activities with powerful tools. Meticulously plan and monitor submission grouping, work-sharing, due dates, milestones, and responsibilities. Stay ahead by assessing the impact of changes, and never miss a deadline with our intuitive reports, dashboards, notifications, and reminders. Effortlessly keep track of upcoming submissions, renewals, and other essential activities.

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Benefits of Lifecycle Management

Deadline management

Stay on top of critical submission deadlines, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met on time and reducing the risk of delays and penalties.

Compliance assurance

Maintain regulatory compliance by tracking changes and having the entire lifecycle of your products at your fingertips.

Assess impact of changes

Enable swift assessment of changes and their immediate impacts to initiate comprehensive adjustments early in the process.

Submission Forecasting, Planning & Tracking

Plan anticipated submissions within a specified timeframe for upcoming regulatory processes, and maintain oversight of submission statuses, whether awaiting review or approval.

Increase productivity

Streamlined processes, improved collaboration, and efficient resource allocation lead to increased productivity, allowing teams to focus on core tasks.

Health authority interactions & commitments

Keep track of all your commitments and plan any required activities. The solution allows you to track any Health Authority Questions & Answers, your company's response process and correspondence with Health Authorities associated with any registration.

Learn more about the LORENZ drugTrack solution.

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