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Product Information Management

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LORENZ provides a lifecycle solution which enhances the management of regulatory activities with powerful tools. Meticulously plan and monitor submission grouping, work-sharing, due dates, milestones, and responsibilities. Stay ahead by assessing the impact of changes, and never miss a deadline with our intuitive reports, dashboards, notifications, and reminders. Effortlessly keep track of upcoming submissions, renewals, and other essential activities.

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Benefits of Product Information Management

Product registration management

Create and maintain EudraVigilance medicinal product report messages for submissions to the EMA. In addition, prepare your data in advance in compliance with the IDMP data model.

Compliance management

Ensure quality control by implementing the four-eyes principle alongside an audit trail, deadline alerts, gentle reminders, and timely email notifications.

Minimize errors

Streamline the process of managing product information by also reducing the amount of data entry and therefore risk of errors. Our CV Management ensures data consistence.

Better collaboration

Enhance the collaboration throughout teams and departments by enabling them to effectively share product information. Our solution allows collaborative data management in a compliant manner by offering a data audit trail and data governance tools.

Improve compliance

Reduce the risk of penalties and fines by maintaining compliance standards with local and international regulations by never missing timelines

Improve efficiency

Effortlessly create, update, and maintain product information for medicinal products (authorized or in development), medical devices, and drug master files. Efficiently manage your data using grouping and volume edit functions.

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