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Kerstin Dittmann

Requirements & Quality Control Engineer

You work at LORENZ as a Requirements & Quality Control Engineer. What is your everyday working life like?
I work with our web team with a primary focus on our docuBridge and webAccess solutions. In concrete terms, I define the requirements for our webAccess front end, and make sure that the developed features meet our own quality standards. So I work directly with the product owners and developers. Thanks to our agile methods, we can be sure that nothing falls between the cracks.

How would you describe LORENZ in three words?
Family-like, dynamic and caring.

What do you particularly like about working at LORENZ Life Sciences Group?
The fact that I'm given the freedom to work independently – and from time to time even get the chance to take on tasks that are completely outside my job description. Thanks to this, and thanks to the strong spirit of collaboration with co-workers, it's easy for me to develop and implement new ideas.

Katharina Schmitz

Head of Automator Solutions

What exactly does it mean to be working in the Automator Solutions Team?
In the Automator Solutions Team, we automate business processes in regulatory operations. Our solutions function as an interface between LORENZ products and the customer's system environment. In our projects, we work closely with the business as well as the IT specialists at our customers. This gives us an interesting insights into our customers' business processes, and the daily challenges they face, which in turn enables us to develop the optimal solution for them.

The projects we work on are widely varied, and so are the roles we play in them. As Solution Engineers, we are involved in every phase of the project, from the requirements engineering to the solution's roll-out.

You've been part of the LORENZ family since 2015. What have been your major career steps up to now?
I started as a Solution Engineer in the Automator Solutions Team in September 2015. In mid-2019, I took on the role of Product Owner, and finally became the Team Lead in September 2019.

Family-managed company. What does that term mean to you?
At LORENZ I feel appreciated as an individual. Many times, I have experienced how the company and my colleagues deal with personal situations flexibly and with great sensitivity.

Manuel Stein

Head of Release Management

You've been part of the LORENZ family for a few years now. What has your development path been during that time?
While studying for my degree, I attended a seminar given by the then Head of Development of LORENZ. Out of that arose a collaboration on my Master's thesis, and since then I've basically just stuck around. After starting as a Quality Control Engineer in test automation, I then went for my Scrum Master in order to qualify for Development Manager. Since 2019, I've been responsible for all product development teams at LORENZ as the Head of Release Management.

Even now, after 10 years working here at LORENZ, I still just love the whole package, in terms of colleagues, the high level of flexibility – and the real potential to make a difference in the company with my own ideas and innovations. It just feels right.

How would you describe a typical working day?

  • When I go to FFM, first thing is to catch the train (I commute more than 100 km each way)
  • Get to work and hold the daily team kick-off meeting
  • From there I get into the tasks for the day, which means talking with people to see if there are difficulties that might be holding up an entire group
  • After that come all kinds of tasks, from evaluations and moderating case histories to the basic admin tasks in running the team. It's a really wide sprectrum of things that are challenging, but absolutely never dull or boring!
In your opinion, what should an applicant bring to the party in order to be successful with LORENZ?
I'd say my key learnings about what a LORENZ applicant should have – particularly someone applying for a job in research and development – would be the following:
  • Be able to deal with people. This includes communication (both active and passive), the ability to understand others (and wanting to understand others!) and a talent for coaching.
  • Fun and motivation. These are two essential factors for day-to-day work in a team. Everybody can have a bad day now and then, and that's why it is so important to be able to inspire and pull others along with you.
  • Showing weakness is a good thing. An open team culture where it's okay to make mistakes and learn from them is really important.

Varsha Dubey

Marketing & Design Manager

Why did you apply to LORENZ and why did you accept the offer?
I had a friend who was working at LORENZ at the time. I had often heard from him about the positive work environment and the dynamic nature of the team. That intrigued me. Also, I was looking to work at a modern company with an international team culture without it being a huge corporation where one might get lost. LORENZ just ticked all the boxes and so I applied, and I can say that it was a very good decision indeed.

I had actually applied for the position of a Frontend Developer. However, LORENZ came back to me and let me know that there was a Web Designer position open. That was music to my ears as I have worked as both in the past and definitely preferred working as a web designer. All the stars aligned, and I accepted the offer.

How did your onboarding go when we couldn't meet in person?
I joined LORENZ in July 2021 which was during the Covid outbreak so in-person onboarding was not an option. However, all the systems and processes are very well documented at LORENZ. That was coupled with the incredible team I was in, who helped make the whole onboarding and training process extremely smooth.

What do you like most about working as a Web Designer at LORENZ?
It allows me to channel my creativity along with letting me use my technical skills. I am also involved in a variety of different projects within the marketing team. That along with the collaborative nature of the team means that work is always interesting. One day you're redesigning the website and the next you are planning an event. It's fun!

Falk Schopp

Head of Global Support

How long have you been working with the LORENZ Life Sciences Group?
I joined LORENZ in December 2015 as Head of Support. Through all the ups and downs since then, I've never really looked back.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
That would definitely have to be my amazing team and great, helpful colleagues. We're a big family here at LORENZ. I also love helping and supporting people, whether they're customers or colleagues. Besides that, my job is extremely varied. No day is like any other. Every day brings new surprises and challenges.

In your opinion, what distinguishes the LORENZ Life Sciences Group?
Well, many things actually. First there's the family atmosphere, the general willingness to help – even across departments, an open-door policy that is actually lived, and the openness for new ideas. Then you also have the flat hierarchy, and the short decision-making processes.

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