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Submission Validation with Lorenz eValidator

Thorough validator for eCTD validation and more

LORENZ eValidator is the most-used validation software in industry and with agencies, ensuring submission compliance globally. As a validator for eCTD and many other formats, it ensures that all submissions are technically compliant. Validating eCTDs for EMA, USFDA and many other regions is no hurdle anymore!

Now available: Canadian pilot phase XML Product Monograph validation profile.  More information

Find out what LORENZ eValidator can do for you

Detailed analysis report

View very detailed and well-structured application and error reports by using in-depth analysis

Ad-hoc specification updates

Receive submission specification updates automatically without re-installing the software

Custom profiles

Create profiles to tailor the validation based on the requirements. Define rules and other settings for the validation process


Work flawlessly with other LORENZ solutions and third-party software

Centralized history

Store the entire validation history for all sequences of an application in one central location

Full-text search

Enter a text string and search for all validation criteria (rules) and rule titles for this text

Get a first glimpse of LORENZ eValidator - The world's most complete and most-used validation software

Stay flexible: Lorenz eValidator fits all work environments

Trusted by industry
and agencies

Free basic version

Scalable from single user to
a large enterprise

Rest easy knowing our team is dedicated to supporting your work with LORENZ eValidator

Reliable release schedules

Rest assured that your submissions are always validated against the latest specifications - and that you are working with the latest features of the software to make your job easier. We provide you with two major releases each year, in April and October, as well as minor and specific releases if necessary. Regulatory updates can be done without re-installing the software!

All-encompassing services

Rely on our team of experts for installation, validation, migration, configuration and customer support as well as consulting services to meet all your needs.

scroll table
eValidator Basic
eValidator One
eValidator FIVE
User information
Number of users 2+ 1 1 5+
Number of validation profiles All 1 All All
Extended validation profiles
(good regulatory practice profiles)
Validation profile customization
Enhanced reporting
PDF reports
Batch processing
(validate multiple sequences simultaneously)
Server-side validation
(browser-based interface to manage validation tasks)
Business information
Business Model   Free One-year subscription 4) Licensing or subscription
Free support   Technical only Technical only 2) 3) Technical, functional & validation 3)
Free software releases   Major Major 3) Major, minor & specific 3)
IT information
Deployment   Local workstation Local workstation Local server
System requirements   Low (learn more) Low (learn more) Contact us
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*to all docuBridge TWO & FIVE installations
1) Depending on purchased modules. 2) Functional & validation support can be purchased separately. 3) With valid maintenance contract. 4) Subscription does not renew automatically.

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