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Submission Validation with Lorenz eValidator Basic

The free regulatory validation solution for single users

eValidator Basic is our free single user validation solution to ensure your electronic submissions are compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. It is specifically designed for single users who want to validate submissions for one region/in one single format.

eValidator Basic is part of the LORENZ eValidator family.

Best fit for LORENZ eValidator Basic

You are a single user

You need to validate eSubmissions

Icon Single Format

Your electronic submissions are for one region and in a single format

Your advantages with LORENZ eValidator Basic

  • Official validation criteria: Includes all basic profiles and current and previous validation criteria, addressing the exact requirements as published by the regulatory agencies (see validation profiles)
  • Free of charge: eValidator Basic costs absolutely nothing
  • Minimal system requirements: Works on nearly every Microsoft Windows PC/laptop (see system requirements)
  • Quick installation: Up and running in just a few seconds

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LORENZ eValidator Basic

Downloading LORENZ eValidator Basic – How it works

In order to download LORENZ eValidator Basic you need to have a LORENZ ID. If you are logged in, simply download the free eValidator Basic and install it right away.

After installation, when you open the eValidator Basic for the first time, you must select a profile. This profile cannot be changed afterwards. This feature is reserved for the other versions of the eValidator.

If you want to be notified via e-mail of any new software updates, subscribe to LORENZ Product and Service News in your LORENZ ID.

Please note: The LORENZ eValidator Basic version is a free of charge license. Some features are limited or disabled in this version and it is not possible to change the validation profile you have selected upon starting the software. In addition, eValidator Basic users are not entitled to customer support. More features as well as customer support are included in LORENZ eValidator ONE and FIVE.

You are not logged in to LORENZ ID. If you don't have one, please register for your LORENZ ID.

eValidator Basic is part of the LORENZ eValidator family which comes in three different versions

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