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LORENZ Software Releases

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Another step towards IDMP

Start using EMA’s SMS controlled vocabularies which are now available in the CV Explorer.

Unleash the power of PDF exporting

Exporting your product information with drugTrack is now more powerful than ever! Our improved PDF Export now fully includes the content of nested tables from the Details Pane. Additionally, filter criteria from table columns in Details Pane and Advanced Reporting are now seamlessly integrated into your generated reports to provide a full overview of all selected filter criteria for your reports.

Optimize the presentation of your data

Tailor your drugTrack experience to your own needs with our new Details Pane menu, allowing you to choose from three dynamic display modes: Sections View for simplicity, Column View for efficient space usage, and Stacked View for maximum visibility. Customize and optimize your data presentation effortlessly.

Take control of your time!

Experience streamlined date and time management by defining your primary time zone for an intuitive UI display and add optional secondary time zones to meet your various business needs through tooltips. Customize your data experience with LORENZ.

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