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Create your own tags & filters

Explore the possibilities of custom-specific tags and use them for your own workflows, use-cases, and to filter your data according to your specific needs. Add supplementary information to specific fields and define exactly what data is shown to which users and groups within your company. This function is great for limiting the complexity of reports for users who are not very familiar with drugTrack, or for displaying a specific subset of your data, e.g. just the data that is relevant for PV or labeling.

Plan and prepare beforehand

The Proposed Marketing Authorisation Feature streamlines the entire registration and variation procedure by combining and automating the functionalities of the MA, RA and CCM modules into one workflow.

With it you can plan and prepare changes before they become effective with the Proposed Marketing Authorization function. This new feature allows you to plan the future state of a Marketing Authorization from within a Regulatory Activity, which can then be approved afterwards. As soon as the changes have been approved internally, they can then be applied automatically to create a new version of the Marketing Authorization.

This is not only a pre-requisite for upcoming IDMP FHIR messages, it can also be used to start managing the necessary internal workflows right away; i.e. planning a variation before it is actually implemented.

Rely on automatic updates

Enable the automatic synchronization of the EMA SPOR Controlled Vocabularies stored in the LORENZ CV Module to ensure that your controlled vocabularies are up-to-date. These updates can be set for specific intervals so that you can decide when the synchronization takes place. In addition, you can now manually trigger an update from within the Foundation CV module.

Find exactly what you want

Create more granular searches for filters with the Advanced Filtering capability to find the exact information you are looking for. drugTrack now also offers the possibility of negative filtering. For example, this could be used to generate an overview of all MAs worldwide for a specific product, but exclude the MAs for a particular region such as Europe.

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