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LORENZ Software Releases

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Unleash Productivity with docuBridge's Notification System

docuBridge elevates user experience through its integration with the innovative User Notification Center. Beyond simply alerting users upon completion of jobs like importing or publishing, it extends notifications to encompass interactions within document annotations. Users receive updates when others respond to their notes, fostering seamless collaboration. Moreover, any modifications made to the note's subject, content, or status trigger notifications for all involved parties, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged throughout the document review process. This feature streamlines communication, enhances productivity, and promotes cohesive teamwork within the platform.

Effortlessly Organize Multiple Panes in webAccess

Experience improved efficiency as you can now effortlessly toggle between multiple content panes, arranged either side-by-side or in tabs, within the webAccess Submission Workbench, optimizing your workflow.

Simplified PDF Comparison in webAccess

Within the webAccess Submission Workbench, users can now effortlessly compare two PDF files. This functionality streamlines the process of identifying differences and similarities between documents, ultimately saving time and promoting precision in document analysis.

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