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Never miss a document version update!

Monitor documents and their precise versions within your sequence, even during last-minute changes. Let docuBridge do the work for you with the automatic search for new versions which greets you with the latest updates when you start the Submission Workbench, and the new ‘Version Update’ pane will display all documents for which a new version is available.

Take your review to the web level

Unlock enhanced review capabilities and effortlessly manage hyperlinks in the webAccess by creating, editing, deleting, locking, and unlocking hyperlinks with ease.

Take control of your time!

Experience streamlined date and time management by defining your primary time zone for intuitive UI display, and add optional secondary time zones for enhanced context through tooltips. This comes especially handy while working in multiple regions with different time zones.

Be prepared for the latest specifications

Start using the new ECOWAS M1 eCTD v1.0 specification which is available for docuBridge TWO and FIVE. LORENZ continuously provides up-to-date publishing modules for all regions, even where specifications are still in the draft phase. This enables you to start preparing submissions in the latest format as early as possible.

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