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LORENZ Software Releases

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Enjoy working with the reworked Administrative Information Pane

Benefit from the fully reworked 'Administrative Information’ pane: the Envelope Editor. In addition to a new look and feel, the usability and functionalities have been substantially improved.

Work flawlessly with additional CMS interfaces

At LORENZ, we strive to offer you the highest flexibility for your solution so that you can cover exactly the capabilities you need. For content management we therefore offer our own built-in Regulatory DMS as well as interfaces to many content management systems you might already have in use. You now have access to even more interfaces for docuBridge, such as ‘GLAMS’, ‘SharePoint Online’, and the on-premise pendant ‘SharePoint Server 2019’. In addition, the existing Content Management System connections to CARA and Veeva have been expanded to make your work life easier.

Discover working with the updated LORENZ CV module

Streamline your controlled vocabularies (CV) more easily with the intuitive and user-friendly LORENZ CV Module which is now supported in docuBridge. The module offers you a more convenient way to define and manage controlled vocabularies and it also gives you an overview of the versions created and in use. What’s more, you can set dependencies and create permission sets to align them to your working process.

Be prepared for the latest specifications

docuBridge 21.2 already supports the China M1 v1.0 specification that was published by CDE on September 30, meaning it is ready for the upcoming go-live of eCTD in China on December 29, 2021. LORENZ continuously provides up-to-date publishing modules for all regions, even where specifications are still in the draft phase. This enables you to start preparing submissions in the latest format as early as possible.

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