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How it works

1. Get Technical Help

If you have a technical problem, you can simply submit a technical support ticket within the ONE Homepage. This section will also maintain your previous technical issues.

2. Get Live Support

Book a one hour live support session with your support hour credits. Competent staff will guide you through a particular user issue you may have via a Remote Session. You will require a microphone and speakers attached to your system to use this service.

Please note: We recommend you collect your questions and then book a one hour slot as your live support hour credit will be used even if your question takes less than 60 minutes to answer! The reason is that you are in essence reserving the time for a dedicated resource to help you with your issues for one hour, and that resource will not be able to make another appointment at the same time.

3. Get Continuous Training

Recognizing that you may not be publishig submissions every day, it can be difficult coming back to a software product after it hasn't been used for a while.

You will have continuous access to online training modules that will take you through all the necessary steps to use docuBridge ONE and create electronic submission - and you can replay that training session at any time any number of times! Depending on the country you are in, we may even have local language versions of the online training modules.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the Frequently Asked Questions section, which is continuously updated. This may already give you the quick answer you need.