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We're the LORENZ HR team. We'll be your primary point of contact during the application process. So you know who's behind the name and e-mail address, here's a bit of background on Corina and Simone.

Corina Reinisch

Corina joined LORENZ in November 2018 as Manager Human Resources.

After successfully completing her commercial apprenticeship in 1998, she gained her first professional experience rotating through several departments at a manufacturing company in Regensburg in southern Germany. In 2006 she made a move to the Frankfurt area and discovered her passion for Human Resources work in a local subsidiary company. This led her to go for an additional qualification in Human Resources, supplementing her practical experience with a theoretical background.

Here at LORENZ, Corina is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources management in the EU.

Hobbies: Over the last few years Corina has become an enthusiastic motorcyclist. In the summer you'll often find her touring through the Taunus hills or grabbing a coffee at the peak of the Feldberg.

Why she likes working at LORENZ: "I really just enjoy the whole working environment. There's an easygoing yet highly productive atmosphere that feels like an extended family. Colleagues and supervisors interact on equal terms. At the same time, with the flat structure, it's easy to get a quick decision or approval."

Telephone: +49 69 78991-160

Simone Ufert

LORENZ welcomed Simone to the family in February 2020 to assist Corina in personnel matters and in managing applicants.

She discovered her interest in HR quite early while studying for her Bachelor's degree in Sociology, and decided to deepen her expertise with a Master's degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development. She moved to Frankfurt in 2018 to start her career in HR, which led her to LORENZ in 2020.

Fun fact: Simone has done the longest zipline in Latin America (in Costa Rica) – 1,590 meters long – while holding a superman pose! Not to mention the Tarzan swing afterwards. Although she's actually scared of heights, when travelling she's never one to miss a chance for adventure.

What she loves about her profession: "The best is working with so many different sorts of people. I love helping them achieve their goals, or sometimes just having an open ear for their problems. And of course, trying to help them solve issues wherever possible. Working in HR means you never know what the working day will bring, or what sorts of challenges you'll have to confront. And that's what I most love about going to work every day."

Telephone: +49 69 78991-260

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