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LORENZ is host to some of the most remarkable forum discussions on political, cultural and economic topics.
Guests have included former Chancellors of Germany, government ministers, acclaimed publicists and journalists,
as well as captains of industry.

Held at LORENZ HQ in Frankurt/Main (Germany), the LORENZ Forums have offered a pleasant environment in which knowledgeable contemporaries have met to interpret and discuss current and future topics in business and politics, surrounded by friends and business partners of the LORENZ Group. Since 1996 the Forums have been hosted by Dr. Hans D. Barbier, publicist and once economic policy editor of the distinguished "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Guests have included Chancellors of Germany, such as Willy Brandt or Helmut Schmidt, as well as ministers, intellectuals and key business leaders.

Some events are accessible via LORENZ ID. As the events are held in German, only German-language speaking countries will have access to the videos.

Guests have included (links to Wikipedia, where available in English): Irmgard Adam-SchwaetzerWolfgang AltenburgHans D. BarbierArnulf BaringSabine Bergmann-Pohl • Anatol Blinow • Willy BrandtWibke BruhnsBernhard BuebManfred BuesWolfgang Clement • Peter Dryer • Hans EichelHeinz FallakJürgen W. FalterPhilipp Freiherr von BethmannDaniel GoeudevertHeike GöbelAlfred Grosser • Andrey Gurkow • Wilhelm HankelMichael HeiseCornelia HanischRudolf HickelWerner HoeferGertrud HoehlerHilmar HoffmannMichael HuetherBischof Wolfgang HuberFrederick KempeKlaus KinkelPaul KirchhofHilmar KopperHorst Krueger • Alexandra Graefin Lambsdorff • Otto Graf LambsdorffMelvin A. LaskyWalther Leisler KiepWolfgang LeonhardGerald Livingston • Jens-Marten Lohse • Wladimir Markow • David MarshIngrid Matthaeus-MayerHans MatthoeferHugo Mueller-Vogg • Naoki Narusawa • Paul Nolte • Bedo Panner • Fritz PleitgenHermann RappeAri RathAnnemarie RengerHeinz RiesenhuberGerd RugeThilo SarrazinFrank SchirrmacherHelmut Schmidt • Juergen Schmidt • Peter Scholl-Latour • Mathias Schreiber • Richard StuecklenMichael StuermerHeidi Schueller • Ursula Schwarzer • Christian Schwarz-Schilling • Albrecht Speer • Rita Suessmuth • Dr Gertrud Traud • Oswald M. UngersHarry ValerienCarl Weiß • Hans Werthen • Otto Wolf von Amerongen

Podium 2008 Introduction

An Introduction: Excerpt from the Podium Event "Zukunftssuche - wer traut sich?", 2008

The video is an introduction to the Podium event entitled, "Zukunftssuche - wer traut sich?" [Translation: "Searching for the Future: Who Dares?"] The event took place at LORENZ HQ in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) on the 15th November 2008. The excerpt contains material from the introduction.

Please note that video extract requires Apple Quicktime Player 7 or higher. The extract is in German language. LORENZ is also working on digitally remastering all available video material on previous forums. These will be available for streaming to LORENZ customers.