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LORENZ docuRender

What is LORENZ docuRender™?

A majority of technical support questions coming into our support surround the Adobe PDF technology, as well as PDF requirements laid down by regulatory agencies. LORENZ docuRender was developed to alleviate the burden of non-compliant PDFs. By controlling the conversion process, LORENZ docuRender optimizes submission compilation and helps avoid surprises and delays in the final stages of publishing. docuRender´s custom-developed PDF conversion profiles also ensure that the PDFs are compliant with guidelines. For the newest version of docuRender, LORENZ has teamed up with Adlib Software, leveraging their experience in PDF generation.

Key benefits include:

  • Distributable, parallel processes for high-volume conversions in conjunction with LORENZ docuBridge
  • Use of Adlibs' tried and proven conversion technology
  • Flexible, re-usable content
  • Server-based for easier maintenance and enforcing global rules
  • LORENZ' custom profiles for regulatory compliance


LORENZ docuRender is an add-on server application to LORENZ' docuBridge submission management system. Source documents are checked into docuBridge in their native format (e.g., Microsoft® Word). Once either a final or interim version of a document is ready (or "submission-ready"), the user locates the document(s) in their docuBridge Explorer. From there, PDF conversion is triggered with two mouse clicks. The source documents are sent to LORENZ docuRender, where they are converted to PDF, following specific guidelines. The final PDFs are sent back to docuBridge and registered with docuBridge automatically: the user will then have access to the PDF version of his or her source document.

Because LORENZ docuBridge is able to manage tasks simultaneously and balance the workload on any number of servers, using LORENZ docuRender in connection with the latest docuBridge version allows users to render PDFs with great speed.

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LORENZ docuRender is recommended if you compile larger submissions and do not receive your working documents in a PDF format. For example, service providers who receive source documents from their clients may benefit from docuRender. Regulatory affairs professionals who don't have a Document Management System that converts PDFs as part of the document release definition would also benefit.

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