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Regulatory Information Management (RIM) with LORENZ Solutions

Your flexible RIMS

Your advantages with a LORENZ RIM solution:


Choose just solutions you need right now. Later on, you will be able to add more capabilities with no problem.

One core central system

The LORENZ Foundation handles Controlled Vocabularies, Repository Management, Interoperability Management and User Management by centrally streamlining system management as well as maintenance and deployment

Seamless data sharing

Benefit from a network of specialized systems that harmonize with each other

Additional capabilities

LORENZ solutions work flawlessly with third-party software. As a partner in the Alliance of Experts, we offer deep integrations with well-established solutions in the market

The technical basis: LORENZ Foundation

We have moved our business capabilities such as Submission Management (LORENZ docuBridge) and Product Information and Product Lifecycle Management (LORENZ drugTrack), onto a core central system called "LORENZ Foundation". Through the LORENZ Foundation, both LORENZ products and third-party tools can be interconnected so they interact with each other effectively. With this approach, we offer you the greatest possible flexibility and individuality for your RIMS.

Need more business capabilities?

To offer you a more complete solution, LORENZ has teamed up with other Regulatory Affairs experts to form the Alliance of Experts. Together with our partners, we provide deep integrations of our tools to ensure seamless data flow and a single-source-of-truth for all regulatory data. These partners are all experts in their domains and offer many years of knowledge and experience in their specific areas.

Customers of the Alliance of Experts enjoy a single point of contact, instead of having to deal with a range of representatives from each specialist provider.

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