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Lorenz launches new Documentum interface for docuBridge.com in Europe!



Barcelona: On March 7, 2001 Lorenz Archiv-Systeme GmbH announced to its customers and prospects the European launch of its new software docuBridge.com 3.2 with interface to Documentum.

Documentum is the leading Content Management System in the pharmaceutical sector to manage scientific documents for Drug Regulatory Affairs. docuBridge.com is the state-of-the-art Submission Management System to compile and publish dossiers and complex reports. The interface provides direct access to documents and VDMs in Documentum 3.x and Documentum 4i.

This new combination enables docuBridge.com to be implemented as a specialized 'out of the box' application of Documentum.

The first installation at Bayer’s R&D in Wuppertal, Germany has shown that the smooth integration with the current Documentum installation will enhance the electronic assembling and production of submissions for pharmaceutical product registration.

The demonstration of the new version to a number of clients proved to be a huge success.

"With this enhancement to our new generation of software we are able to capture most of the complex processes within a regulatory affairs department as well as the authorities. These include the management features, the review & QA processes as well as the publishing tasks - paper and eSub (e.g. European or FDA Guidance)," says Akira Yamaguchi, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Wolfgang Witzel, Executive Partner, added: "The reaction of our clients and prospects has shown that we have successfully used our experience in a highly focused niche market and produced an application second to none. The potential benefits for companies, small or large, implementing such a system are enormous."

About Bayer AG

Bayer is an international, research-based group active in life sciences, polymers and chemicals.

As a chemicals and health care group Bayer is numbering some 350 individual companies, represented in virtually every country in the world. Engineering groundbreaking solutions as diverse as the spheres of life they benefit.

As a world wide selection Bayer is implementing the product suite of Documentum with specialized applications like docuBridge.

"It is a long term strategy of Bayer to have specialist with their expertise contributing to the improvements of the business processes within the various sections of the Bayer organisation," says Dr. Andreas Staudt, Director of Bayers Pharma Research department for Proprietary Information and Research Support.

"With the implementation of the interface between Documentums' docbase application and docuBridge as a document assembling and distribution tool we continue to enhance our capabilities to serve our in house customers in different parts of the world of the Regulatory Affairs department," added Dr. Joerg Lautz, responsible Project Manager Global Regulatory Affairs in Wuppertal, the R&D site of Bayer in Europe.

About Documentum

Documentum with it’s newest product Documentum 4i drives content management through e-businesses with an open, flexible, Internet-scale platform that enables customers to create, deliver, publish, and personalize content in all formats across all e-business applications. More than 1000 Global 2000 companies use Documentum products and services to provide dynamic, trusted content to all users, the key to e-business success in the New Economy. Documentum is an active sponsor of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) and a founding member of XML.org, as well as a UDDI.org (Universal Description, Discover and Integration) advisor and an associate member of the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Forum. For more information, please visit Documentum on the Web at www.documentum.com