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Online Training (LORENZ docuBridge): docuBridge FIVE as Submission Management System (Part I) - Compiling a Submission

From: 6 Aug 2020 | To: 6 Aug 2020 | Location: WEBINAR/ONLINE

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST) / 08:00 - 10:00 (EDT)

This Online Training is designed for people using LORENZ docuBridge FIVE.


Creating and Distributing a New Application
      o Explain New Application Pane
      o Regulatory Activity
      o Submission Planning
      o Compilation in Progress
Understanding Submission Workbench
      o Current Outline
      o One Outline, Horizontal and Vertical
      o Bookmark
      o User Indicator
      o Zoom Functionality
      o Acrobat/Reader/Default
      o Best to Fit
      o Navigation Panes
SWB - Properties Panes – Submission
      o General
      o Format
      o Bookmark Handling Mode
      o Hyperlinks Handling Mode
      o Apply Document Permissions
      o Header & Footer
      o Volumes
      o Page Inserts
SWB - Properties Panes – Nodes
      o General
      o Node Title Options
      o eSubmission Code
      o Configuration
      o Content Options
      o dB PDF TOC
      o Header & Footer
      o Page Inserts
      o Hyperlink Mode
      o Bookmark Mode
SWB – Outline
      o Nodes and Sub Nodes
      o Color Significance Before Adding Content
      o Nodes - Folders - Red, Blue, Yellow, White
      o Triangles - White, Green, Purple
      o Nodes Right Click Option Before Enabling Edit
      o Expand Section
      o Collapse Section
      o Collapse All but This
Compilation Basics – 1 to 1 Compilation
      o Editor Layout
      o Properties Pane
      o Node Content
      o Steps for Compilation
      o Edit
      o Reserve - Reserve Section/Reserve Node
      o Add Content
SWB - Outline - After Adding Content
      o Color Significance After Reserving
      o Locks, Property Pane
      o Color Significance After Adding Content
      o Node Content Mandatory, Optional
      o Node Content
      o New, Title, Version, Pages, Format, Size, Protected or XFA, FastWebView
      o Home Ribbon
      o Nodes Without Content
      o Sequence
      o No Undo function
      o Save - Quick Access Toolbar
Node Content
      o View in Content Pane
      o View in New Pane
      o Open in Native Program
      o Delete Content
Content Outline
      o Content Pane Options
      o Structure Number
      o Sequences
      o Section Page Range
Repeatable Content
      o Copy/ Move Nodes
      o Restructure Mode
      o Nodes - Substance, Product, Excipients…
      o Attributes - Rules
1 to Many Compilation
      o Adding More Than One Document
      o Color Indicator - Grey Cross
1 to Many Compilation - Properties Pane
      o Publish as Single Document
      o Publish as Combined Document
      o Sort
Compiling Study Reports
      o Non Clinical and Clinical
      o STF or Non STF
Compiling Regional Content
      o Administrative Panes
      o Module I
           o Cover Letter
           o Administrative Information Report
      o Viewer Layout
      o Publish Source File unchanged
Multi-Select Content and Remove Content of Multiple Nodes
Auto Compilation
      o Brief Introduction

The Online Training "LORENZ docuBridge FIVE as Submission Management System (Part II) - Compile/QC/Publish Submission"
on Thursday, 3 September, 2020 could also be interesting for you.

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