An Interview with Nicole Sagner
“There's no such thing as a 'normal' training!” Nicole Sagner
Trainer &
Regulatory Consultant

Nicole, what made you select LORENZ as an employer? And what were you doing before that?

I did my professional training as a Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant (PTA). Then in 2003, I switched from a pharmacy to working in regulatory affairs within a pharmaceutical company. When electronic submissions came along a few years later, I had my first exposure to LORENZ software solutions. Back then I was employed at a manufacturer of generics, and working with LORENZ software was part of my daily to-do list. Even back then, it was interesting and enjoyable work to work with digital solutions.

Years later, while taking a sabbatical break, I ran across a job ad for a Professional Trainer & Regulatory Consultant at LORENZ. It seemed like a good opportunity to combine the fun I'd had with electronic systems and structured data with my own career experience up to then.

The amount of travel connected with this position fit really well with my own lifestyle. I travel a lot on my own, and really enjoy it. For me, it's just great to discover new places and to get to know new people. Of course for some people, travelling can be tiring, but I always draw new experiences, inspiration and new strength from it.

What is your role?

My title is Professional Trainer & Regulatory Consultant here at LORENZ. My duties really are varied. My main task is to train and advise our customers in LORENZ software solutions, either face-to-face or remotely. I'm also heavily involved in implementing our software solutions with customers, when they have questions or if there are regulatory processes involved. In this context, I often give workshops for our customers, where specialized knowledge of pharmaceutical regulation practices is intertwined with software implementation.

Increasingly, I'm also involved in sales activities, especially when interested parties ask for a product demonstration, or when we're developing and refining concepts on presenting our software solution to the public.

A personal highlight for me here was presenting our software solutions to a group of interested companies in South Africa. That was a really interesting experience, especially in cultural terms. I was already a huge South Africa fan, and then also had the chance to privately extend my business trip. We took a guided drive through a nearby game reserve, and even had the good luck to sight almost all of the “Big Five”!

What does a typical day look like for you? What kind of everyday tasks do you have?

Well, it really depends. The tasks on any given day will vary hugely depending on the situation. Ahead of customer training sessions and workshops, I'm busy preparing for the customer, both in terms of getting organized and in understanding the content.

During the trainings and workshops, the general sequence of events tends to be quite similar. But it's not simply a case of giving “your” standard training. I really try to adapt to the situation and concerns of each particular customer, and prepare myself in advance – for example understanding that organization's product portfolio. This allows me to better understand the expectations they'll have for our software, and enables me to give the training in the most effective way possible. Of course what's really interesting is actual training session, when you finally meet the people face-to-face. Even during a “normal” customer training session, the group dynamics and the types of personalities in the room are always different.

What advantages do you see from working in a mid-sized company?

Working at LORENZ, you automatically get a little taste of everything. In larger companies, everyone is highly specialized in a particular area, and the departments are so large that you might not even know all your colleagues. Teamwork and cross-functional projects might be necessary, but your understanding of the other departments or teams is often just superficial.

At LORENZ, it's completely different. We're often working very closely with people from other departments, and as we do, it's a lot of fun to be able see beyond your own horizons. In this sort of cross functional projects, you really learn a lot, and it's a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise with each other. Each one of us takes on a variety of different roles and functions, and that makes our day-to-day work highly varied. For example, I recently had the chance to help with the creation of new marketing materials. So you naturally feel a bit of pride when you see the finished flyers laid out at a trade fair or a conference.

What's important to you in your career?

Personally, I like to really dive into the work and get personally invested – and of course grow and develop in the process. I pretty much appreciate the fact that I work in an area that is constantly in motion and keeps me in learning mode. But overall, the most important thing to me is: Do what you like, and like what you do!