An Interview with Christian Kaas
“It's more than just the job itself – it's also about how you do it.” Christian Kaas
Managing Director
Research & Development

Christian, how did you get started at LORENZ?

I started here 8 years ago as Quality Control Manager. Before that, I had worked in the telecommunication industry for more than 10 years as a software developer, project/product manager and quality/change manager with a listed company. I made the conscious decision to switch to a smaller company with more flexible structures; an environment where I could actually have an effect and really influence things. At that point, the company was also much smaller.

What's your role, and what responsibilities do you have here?

As head of the Development department, I'm also a member of the Executive Board. In that group, we define the long-term strategy of the company and the product strategy together. In my day-to-day work, I consult with large clients on how they can use our products optimally in their own surroundings and conditions. On top of that, I also work to empower my own Development team to organize and carry out their work independently by applying “agile” and “lean” development methods.

What's really important to you in your career?

Here, I feel as if I'm part of a “living system” – it's much more comfortable than a rigid, heirarchical structure. The world is changing continuously, especially our technical and digital surroundings. That's why for me, it's really important to keep developing personally, and to be open to learning new things. Over the past few years I've earned my Master in Business Administration, in parallel to my work at LORENZ. The program focused on practical and application-oriented methods and skills that are important for my own job. So that experience has changed and enriched me, both on the personal level and in terms of my career.

In your view, what does LORENZ really stand for?

Our products are a major factor in making therapies available to patients more quickly. That's the sort of mission that even my kids can understand. At LORENZ you can really influence and change things; there are in essence no hierarchies. Everyone has direct contact with customers and a high level of personal responsibility, along with the potential to create and to grow. We're a mid-sized company with many international employees, and everyone's working towards the same goal – and that's a great feeling! Particularly over the last few years, we've seen a real team spirit develop, and that is what's driving us all. With just over 100 employees, the atmosphere is still quite family-like. Yet at the same time, we're operating in a highly innovative, technological and international environment. It's this sort of combination that I find really interesting. Also, work-life balance is highly valued here. With a flexible home office policy, we want to enable our employees to harmonize their jobs with their private lives.